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Jenny Brough

owner and manager of out there forest school and kindergarten

For over 10 years, Jenny worked in schools in Bristol and London as a primary school teacher specialising in outdoor learning. She did her Forest School training in 2015, the same year that Out There Forest School was founded. She is inspired by the German style Forest Kindergartens and believes outdoor experiences enhance children’s learning in a way that is unparalleled.

“Previously, I have been involved in developing outdoor play and learning opportunities in schools in London and Bristol. I am passionate about what we do at Out There, offering more opportunities for children to play and learn outside in their natural environment.”


Syama Wynn


Syama  has over 10 years’ experience working with children in a variety of settings and before joining Out there worked at a local children’s centre as a support worker. She is an outstanding Forest school leader and early years practitioner.

“I have a lifelong passion for the natural world and a background in studying Ecology, Sustainability and Food Growing at Degree - soon to be MA level. Through my work in a Bristol Children's Centre, I have had the opportunity to run allotment projects and lead outdoor sessions, and I cannot wait to share more time outdoors.” 

Hazel Wilcox

Hazel Wilcox

Hazel joined us in February 2018 after previously working at a children’s centre in Bristol. She is fantastic with all the children but particarlky our youngest ones. She is also the one responsible for our pet cockroaches and African land snails.

“I am very happy to be able to continue exploring my passion for outdoor education within my role at Out There. I believe that spending time outdoors is the most effective way for children to develop confidence and independence. It encourages them to become risk aware rather than risk averse whilst allowing them to develop in all areas of the Early Years Foundation stage. I am excited to continue my outdoor journey whilst helping to provide excellent care and education with the rest of the team at Out There.” 

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Yvonne McMichael

Yvonne joined us in September 2018 and is a fantastic addition to the team. She is Forest School trained and loves to spend time outdoors with her two young children practicing her forest schools skills such as due building and fire lighting.