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Jenny Brough

owner and manager of out there forest school and kindergarten

Jenny has over 18 years experience of working with children in a variety of settings; as a play leader for Bristol Playbus, as a family tour leader for Explore worldwide, teaching English in South Korea and more recently working as a qualified primary school teacher.

“I have been involved in developing outdoor play and learning opportunities in schools in London and Bristol and am trained in Forest School level 3 and paediatric first aid. I am passionate about what we do at Out There, offering more opportunities for children to play and learn outside in their natural environment.”


Ella Ives


Ella is an experienced Early years practiser (Level 3 in Childcare and education) and outstanding Forest School Leader.

“ I feel very strongly about children having the chance to experience learning outdoors. Forest School promotes learning through risk taking and imaginative play and allows for freedom of expression in a natural environment. The woodland setting has so much to offer children with regards to their holistic experience. Our outdoor preschool will allow children opportunities to engage in a magical learning adventure with our carefully chosen activities and flexible child led approaches’.

Georgia Bryan Picture

Georgia Bryan

Early years educator in stapleton

“I have recently achieved a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Early Childhood where my independent research focused on outdoor education and the role of the natural environment in young children’s learning and development. I am very excited to explore this interest and passion further within my role at Out There Kindergarten. I am trained in safeguarding children and Level Three Paediatric First Aid. I believe that the ever changing natural environment provides invaluable and exciting opportunities for children to flourish throughout all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.”