Important Information: Forest School

About the Organisation

We are currently registered as a private company (Company number 9671556) but we are in the process of setting up as a CIC (Community Interest Company). We want to work closely with parents and local schools to ensure there is continuity of care, high standards, good lines of communication and a shared vision and aims for children.

Quality, Child led play and activities

We follow the play work principles, which are closely in line with Forest School Principles and Practices. Children are free to choose their activities and our staff are there to facilitate the play work principles.

Quality, adult led activities

As part of their choice, children will have access to two adult led activities per day. One of these will be Forest School activities, which they will participate in (if they choose) either in the morning or the afternoon. They will have access to a further adult led activity either in the morning or afternoon, depending on when/if they do the Forest School. Example adult led activities include; cooking, sculpture, painting, drama and team games.

Play and Equipment

Our equipment comes from a range of sources and we will constantly be reviewing and adding to our play equipment, based on children and parents’ suggestions. We check and clean our equipment regularly to ensure it is safe and hygienic.  

Themed Weeks, Art Projects and Day Trips

Each week we will have a different theme and in that week all activities will be linked to the theme. During guided art activities children will work towards producing quality pieces of artwork. In the future we plan to run weekly off site trips. Example trips include; taking the children to St Anne’s park, Visiting Tarrs Ice-cream Shop for an ice cream and taking a walk by the river to Beeses Tea Gardens.

Buddy system

If children are joining the club for the first time (and we are already operating), they will be assigned both a buddy play worker and buddy friend to help them settle in to the club, to help them make friends, to become familiar with the code of conduct 

Positive behaviour management and rewards

We strongly believe that children respond best to positive reinforcement, as well as adults who listen to them and help them resolve their problems. All staff are encouraged to use positive praise and be good listeners and mediators. If we feel a child is a risk towards themselves or others (for example, verbally or physically abusing other children or staff members or not following important safety instructions) we will contact the parents and they will be expected to collect their child as soon as they are able.

Breakfast, snacks and lunchtime

Drinking water will be available at all times and healthy snacks will be provided mid morning and late afternoon. Children should bring a healthy packed lunch with them.

Clothing and Footwear

Children should come prepared for all weather! Although it is British summer time we all know how unpredictable the weather is and we want to be able to go OUT THERE no matter what the weather. Please make sure children have a raincoat, wellington boots and ideally a spare set of clothes. These can be left at the setting during the week but must be taken home at the weekend.

No devices policy

In an ideal world we would operate a no devices policy, including for all staff. However, staff must be able to keep in contact with each other and we appreciate that some children may have a mobile phone to maintain contact with parents. Any devices bought in to the club by children will be kept locked away until the end of the day. Parents leave devices at their own risk.

Late Collection Fee

You will be charged a late collection fee if you collect your child after the agreed time unless you have contacted us beforehand. See the terms and conditions for more details.


Our timetabled activities may be subject to change. This will largely be dependent on the number of children attending and our staffing ratio that day. Please note that if there are less than 16 children booked our Forest School session will take place in the grounds of East Winds Activity Centre.