Important Information: Holiday Club

how to find us

Directions to our Holiday Club at Eastwinds Activity Centre, St Anne’s Terrace, BS4 4DY

Please note that there is no parking on St Anne's Terrace or at East Winds. The road is narrow and steep so please don't drive you car down. We advise you to park on the main road (Wick Road). St Anne's Terrace is past the doctors surgery on the left hand side,  heading away from Wicklea school and towards St Anne's Park/Woods, just before the railway bridge. 

Follow the steep terrace down past the terraced houses. You'll find East Winds Activity Centre  on your left at the bottom of the hill. You will see the big green gates at the entrance and our sign 'Out There'.

Polite notice: Please park on the main road and walk down.  We want to respect our neighbour’s privacy and keep noise and traffic to a minimum.  Thank you for your co-operation.


During key times of arrival and departure, the main gates will be open. At other times the gate is kept locked and there will usually be a member of staff outside ready to greet you. If the gates are locked and there is no one around, please call the work phone 07954416147  and someone will let you in! 

On arrival, you will be greeted by a member of staff and they will sign your child in. You only sign your child out at the end of the day. Only nominated people listed on the registration form will be allowed to collect your child.  Please inform us before if you need someone else to pick up your child.  If they’re not on the registration form, we’ll need them to bring photo ID.

The first children to arrive will put their belongings on the pegs in the porch. Children who arrive later will put their bags and coats on the table inside. All packed lunches are handed over to a member of staff to go in the kitchen. 

what to wear/bring

Wellington Boots (to change into) preferably knee high- children should arrive in trainers or closed shoes and NOT SANDALS (to protect those little toes during our activities) and have wellington boots to change into. Wellington boots often get wet, as the children LOVE to paddle in the brook.

A waterproof jacket (with hood) and trousers (in case it rains) and warm jumper/fleece

Layers of clothes: including a long sleeved top and trousers/leggings (We don’t recommend jeans as these get cold and take ages to dry out, when wet). Even in the summer, long trousers help to protect from stinging plants and biting insects!

A spare change of clothes: to include socks and under clothes, a spare t-shirt, long sleeved top or jumper and trousers/leggings

If the weather is cold, a hat and gloves will be appreciated but obviously, this is seasonal

Please label your clothes and bags we have a big box of lost property; please take a look to see what might be yours!

We’ll provide a dry area to store bags and spare clothes and there will be a tarpaulin shelter area if it gets too wet, or if you’re here for the half or whole day we can keep the spare clothes at the Activity Centre.


We’ll provide a tasty and healthy mid morning and afternoon snack but please bring a packed lunch if you’re here for the whole day (please label the lunch box.)  We always provide plenty of fresh water to drink. Please note we have no nuts policy.

ticks (summer only)

We haven’t seen or had any tick bites in our woods but it’s something you need to be aware of.  Please check your children when they get home.  They like warm dark places.  Follow this link for advice